Profauna 50 Probiotic for Cats

Profauna 50 is a High Bacteria Count Probiotic Supplement for Cats That Contains ≥50 Billion Live Bacteria Per 1 g (1 Scoop of Powder)

Why we are different?

Profauna Pet Probiotics were designed to be ‘clean’ forms of probiotics. For those with allergies, intolerances or susceptible to inactive ingredients (additives). Therefore, it was designed as a powder to eliminate all the capsule ingredients and colors, no flavor to reduce the number of ingredients and make it available to all palates (ability to mix into any and all appropriate foods, treats or water).

Why Profauna Pet Probiotics may help

The strains were chosen for their diversity and synergy ensuring support and maintenance of the digestive microbiota.

Profauna 50:

  • Supports the digestive and immune health of cats
  • Well known and studied bacterial strains including: -
    • Lactobacillus plantarum known to support urinary health in cats
  • Provides about 10 times more bacteria than the average pet probiotic

Directions for use:

1 scoop daily for as long as needed. Profauna 50 powder may be added directly onto your cats’ food. The powder can also be mixed with cool water and added to food. It may take 7-14 days to re-establish the gut of your cat, so do not expect changes until after a week or so.