Profauna 100 & Profauna 50: Probiotics for Pets

We're pretty dog-on excited you decided to learn more about Profauna 50 and Profauna 100!

Fun Fact #1: Profauna Pet Probiotics were developed based on veterinarian feedback about human products they were using for IBD. The vets suggested a high count, multi-strain probiotic that did not require refrigeration and Profauna Pet Probiotics were born!

Fun Fact #2: Our brand name Profauna means "for animal life" and we added the 100 and 50 to represent the number of billions of bacteria in each 1-gram scoop or serving.  

Fun Fact #3:  94% of dogs have an improvement in the quality, quantity, and consistency of their stools within 30 days of using Profauna 100

Fun Fact #4: 1 out of 2 pet parents reported improvement in things they weren't expecting (i.e. improvement with skin allergies, improvement with itching, reduction in excessive shedding, less hotspots, etc.).

Fun Fact #5:  In 2019 we launched Profauna 50 because of overwhelming pet parent request and based on extended veterinarian feedback with regards to cats having more gastrointestinal problems than dogs.   

Fun Fact #6: Profauna Pet Probiotics contain 8 strains of live freeze-dried bacteria supported by published clinical evidence and species-specific research.

Fun Fact #7: Profauna is one of the most cost-efficient pet probiotics available! 

What are Profauna Pet Probiotics?

Profauna 100 for dogs and Profauna 50 for cats both have some of the highest count probiotics specifically developed to support your pet’s healthy digestive tract, immune health, and antibiotic recovery. The 8 strains of bacteria in Profauna’s proprietary powder mixture deliver billions of CFUs per 1 gram scoop which provides both abundance and diversity of bacterial strains important for supporting a cat or dog’s microbiome.

My pet isn't "sick"! Can she/he take Profauna Pet Probiotics?

Absolutely!  Profauna 100 isn't just for dogs or cats with digestive issues!  The word probiotic means "for life" and they are essentially “good” bacteria that help to keep your pet’s microbiome balanced. This also means our pets do not need to be sick in order to benefit from probiotics. Actually, we find many pet parents regularly give their dog or cat probiotics as a preventive measure, to boost immune and overall health. Afterall, the gut is one of the largest immune systems in the body.  

What should you expect after your pet starts taking Profauna 50 or Profauna 100?

With any diet change, you can expect your dog or cat to experience some stool changes, but in the end, probiotics are generally a safe way to improve the quality and quantity of your pet’s stool. 

With both dogs and cats you should start seeing improvements in the first 1-2 weeks of introducing Profauna 100 or Profauna 50, but the most dramatic results should start to occur between 3-5 weeks.  

  • ONE OF THE HIGHEST COUNT OF PROBIOTICS PER SCOOP: ~10 or more times bacteria than the average pet probiotic
  • OPTIMIZES DIGESTIVE HEALTH: Replenishes good bacteria in the digestive tract and provides an abundance and variety of bacteria to support a pet’s digestive health especially during stressful situations like traveling, kenneling, training, antibiotic recovery, and introducing new people or animals 
  • MAKES PICKING/SCOOPING UP POO, EASY TO "DOO": Helps with quality, quantity or consistency of stools
  • 8 STRAIN FORMULATION DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR DOGS: Supported by published clinical evidence and species-specific research, Profauna Pet Probiotics contains the following strains of bacteria: Enterococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Bifidobacteria animalis, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus brevis, Lactobacillus casei, Bifidobacterium bifidum
  • SAVES TIME AND MONEY: Easy-to-dispense tasteless powder (no pills or capsules to mess with)!  That means no pill pockets needed and no hassle trying to force feed capsules or tablets onto your furry friend
  • RESULTS IN 30 DAYS: In our pre-trial; 94% of dogs using Profauna 100 had an improvement in the quality and quantity of their stools within 30 days
  • CONVENIENT AND EASY TO GIVE: Just add the powder to your pet's wet or dry food.  That's it!  
  • NO EXTRA JUNK: Only contains bacteria and maltodextrin (a riace based powder used to blend the bacterial strains). Does not contain gluten, casein, soy, sucrose, yeast, egg, copper, iron, artificial colors or flavors
  • ACTIV-VIAL TECHNOLOGY: One-piece, easy-open flip-top for a moisture-tight and leak-proof sealing to ensure product safety and stability
  • NO SAFETY CONCERNS: Profauna 100 and Profauna 50 are manufactured in the USA in an FDA registered food facility under strict GMP guidelines.  All ingredients are listed in the (AAFCO) official publication (OP) and present no safety concerns 


  • Profauna 50 and Profauna 100 are both high CFU-count probiotic supplements for dogs and cats
  • Profauna 50 and Profauna 100 contain a source of live, freeze-dried, naturally occurring microorganisms (bacteria)
  • Profauna Pet Probiotics contain a proprietary mixture of 8 strains of bacteria recognized for their probiotic function in dogs and cats, respectively. 
  • Profauna 100 and Profauna 50 provides an abundance and variety of bacteria to support a pet’s digestive health and helps with quality, quantity or consistency of stools.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Scoop inside bottle. 1 scoop daily, or as directed by your veterinarian. Profauna may be added directly to your pet's food.