Diarrhea Management Tips for your dog

Does your best friend have diarrhea?

No, not your BFF your furry BFF. We all monitor our pet’s if they have diarrhea but a few quick diet modifications will go a long way in helping with diarrhea. Make sure they do not get dehydrated by monitoring their water intake.

  1. Try adding pumpkin (not pie filling the plain type) or a pumpkin based dog food to their kibble or usual food
  2. Change their diet to rice and chicken to bulk the poo and be gentle on their gut
  3. Adding fiber (pumpkin has fiber) can help too, as this can add bulk to the poo
  4. High count probiotics can help your dog’s digestive health. High count probiotics really help establish their gut and immune system after a bout of diarrhea.  


Dog diarrhea and vomiting?

Dogs often throw-up a little, usually it is due to something they ate and is not an issue, sometimes it can be due to food allergies or seasonal allergies. It is normal for a dog to eat grass and then throw up to expel what is irritating them. Make sure they do not get dehydrated by monitoring their water or fluid intake.

A bland diet of chicken and rice may help or just chicken broth or bone broth if food is too much.

Probiotics can offer a solution to getting your pooch over that issue. Profauna 100 may help increase digestive enzymes as well as supporting digestive wellness. Try adding a high-count multi-strain probiotic to your pooch’s nutrition.