A High-Count, Multi-Strain Probiotic for Dogs & Cats

A dog’s digestive system already has trillions of microorganisms also known as “gut flora” of up to 1,000 different species, and most of these species are bacteria that work hard to aid in the digestion of food, fight off harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa as well as supporting the dog’s immune system.  

When the canine digestive system is compromised, the microorganisms become imbalanced which typically causes digestive issues such as diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, or a range of other wellness or immune issues.  Just like humans, with dogs there are several factors that can lead to a compromised digestive system, such as age, diet, activity level, stress, use of antibiotics, and environmental conditions.  

So, in a dog’s gut already containing trillions of microbes, what can help increase the population of a healthy gut following a microflora imbalance?  A high-dose, multi-strain probiotic of course! 

While the research supporting high count probiotic success in humans, especially for GI disorders such as IBD, is far more robust than for animals, research has found that supplementation with large numbers of a combination of probiotic strains helps maximize intestinal colonization and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria.  When your dog’s digestive system is compromised, you’d probably want to know that multi-billions of bacterial competitors are working hard to help restore balance and order.  High-dose probiotic therapy works to influence GI immune health in ways lower-dose probiotics may not. 

The word “pro-biotic” literally means “for-life,” and probiotics perform better when they are live microorganisms (bacteria and yeasts) and are administered in adequate amounts (to a dog), conferring a health benefit to that animal.  Probiotics for dogs should state the CFU count (colony forming units) that represents the number of viable (living) bacteria in a serving, and can range from 1 million all the way to 100 billion CFUs per dose or serving.  

When using a canine probiotic to support the dog’s microbiome, especially in cases of digestive distress, it’s important to use a high-count, multi-strain army of “good” bacteria to help tilt the balance in favor of good bacteria.  Remember, there are millions of other microorganisms in a dog’s gut already, so a higher dose of beneficial bacteria is essential to strengthening the gut-immune barrier by promoting a healthy gut mucosa, supporting healthy bowel function, supporting digestion, and increasing the population of healthy bacteria following microbial imbalance.

Profauna 100 is a high-count canine probiotic for multiple digestive issues and microbiome support delivering 100 billion live bacteria for cases of digestive distress in dogs.  We often get feedback from pet parents that other probiotics they’ve tried, with lower CFU counts, did not properly support their dog’s digestive health needs.  We keep stressing a dog’s gut has millions of microorganisms, so for this reason a high-dose probiotic may have a greater impact on the beneficial modulation of the gut flora.  The live bacteria in the probiotic should be able to tolerate stomach and bile acids to make sure it travels all the way through the dog's GI tract and adheres to the intestinal wall, so pick a probiotic that makes you confident that there are enough viable CFUs in each scoop of powder to support maximum digestive health and immune function. 

Available upon request, Profauna 100 has smaller dosing scoops available which make modifying to lower dosages easier.